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Why you should partner with TSI

PLATNET Software WILL increases your business

  • Our software will provide you with warm referrals from existing business.
  • Our software will provide you with constant growing leads from existing business.
  • Our software will provide you with warm referrals from NEW business.
  • Our software will provide targeted marketing leads done on demand.
  • Our software will also communicate and alert each individual EE for future changes.
  • Our software can also target any specific communication with all employees.
  • Our software is FREE.

What Owner /HR say about TSI

Quiero tomarme el tiempo para agradecer al equipo de agentes y a la administración de TSI por su ayuda y servicio durante todo el año. Mandy M.

It is always a pleasure to deal with TSI because of the service and the help that any HR needs. Thank you all.

You are amazing TSI!!! You have really change my take on open enrollment and keeping up with the payroll deductions, the bills, … Bill Vander

TSI’s PLATNET increases the level of customer service and support

Keeping in touch with clients is key to maintaining and establishing a great relationship!

TSI will not only provide the basic service like,

  • Enrollment Capabilities
  • Group and Individual Products
  • Voluntary Benefits with Multiple Carriers
  • Educate and Maintain Employee Knowledge

Our software PLATNET will provide FULL Administration Services that include:

  • Outstanding claims support from multiple plans at the same time.
  • Simplicity in filing multiple claims with multiple carriers on a mobile device.
  • Text messages to advise of claims updates in real time.
  • Uploading new health changes at renewal time for each individual employees via text message.
  • Follow up on every birthday, holidays etc., for each individual employee.
  • Individual follows up with our automatic reminder for outstanding services.
  • 24/7 service via a web cloud.
  • TSI’s agents will be present every year at open enrollment to ensure the service

What Employee say about TSI

Solo quería tomar un segundo y Gracias y Tsi por los servicios que me brindó .. Y me gustaría disculparme por mi escepticismo inicial. La plataforma es fácil de navegar, fácil de usar y las reclamaciones que he presentado y que me han pagado han sido un regalo del cielo. Ahora soy un firme creyente y recomendaré TSI a todos los que busquen un seguro complementario. Muchas gracias , Erick

I want to take a moment and express my sincere thanks for the outstanding service I’ve been provided. The company that I work for decided to switch from AFLAC to Allsate a couple of years ago or so. At that time I was not sure if I would continue to carry similar coverages, however I am so very happy that I did. The process of filing the claims are easy, and the monetary reimbursement is much needed, appreciated and sent within a timely manor. Since I only do this once a year, when I call in I more often times am assisted by Emmanuelle. She is a great asset to your company. These days it’s hard to find someone that will provide Stella service such as her. She simply follows through. With that being said I will continue to do business with you as long as I am employed by PF. Yvette J.

El servicio proporcionado por TSI ha sido excelente y el uso del sitio web nos ha facilitado la presentación de reclamaciones. Estamos muy agradecidos por el excelente servicio al cliente que nos brindó TSI. El sitio web permite descargar formularios de reclamaciones para completar. El sitio también ofrece videos y secciones de preguntas y respuestas que ayudan a guiar al visitante. Gracias, Giovanni

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