Tomorrow Solution Insurance Group


  • Tomorrow Solutions Inc (TSI) is a servicing company that helps their clients to file claims with insurance carriers that clients may have coverage with. TSI is an independent third-party insurance agency that represents many insurance carriers.
  • TSI and any and all subsidiaries, officers, agents and associated parties make no warranties that software offered to our clients shall be available without interruption or be error free 100% of the time. TSI works on “best efforts” for all services it provides. These software services are provided without charge and TSI does not receive payment for providing such software by any insurance carrier. TSI does not warrant that its software shall meet all your expectations and further does not warrant that it will introduce additional features.
  • Any and all information or material downloaded, or claims submitted through the TSI platform are done so at the user’s sole discretion and risk. Users shall be solely responsible for and hereby waive any and all claims to causative action with respect to any damage to their computers, mobile devices or other property as a result of using the TSI software.
  • TSI is not an insurance carrier and as such cannot offer insurance coverage to individuals or corporate entities. Any and all coverage can only be provided by an approved and licensed insurance carrier in the appropriate state, for which TSI is an approved agent. Some insurance coverages may require medical or other underwriting and TSI has no influence over those underwriting decisions and will not be held liable for any refusals of insurance coverage.
  • TSI does not have any contact with payouts for claims made by clients under insurance policies they may have through TSI. Claims are paid directly to the policy holder by the insurance carrier.
  • TSI is not responsible for any claim being approved or denied by the appropriate insurance carrier. All claims are reviewed and processed by the insurance carrier in question and any approval or denial is made solely at their discretion.
  • TSI presents the information provided by policy holders to the insurance carrier and cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information provided by the policy holder. TSI works to present the information received by policy holders with regard to any and all claims, using the correct claim form as required by the insurance carrier. TSI advocates on the policy holder’s behalf in an effort to help the policy holder receive all benefits that may be due to them under the terms and conditions of the policies they own.
  • TSI is not paid for helping policy holders to file claims with insurance carriers. This a complimentary service provided by TSI and as such cannot be held responsible for the outcome of any claim submitted through our software platform.
  • If an insurance carrier is withholding payment of all or a part of a claim that has been submitted by a policy holder, due to nonpayment of premiums by either an employer or a policy holder, TSI will not be held responsible for such holdbacks.