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How to limit my exposure ?

If your car needs repair, would you have a mechanic fix it before knowing how much it will cost you?

Probably not

If your roof needs repair, would you have a contractor fixing it before knowing how much it will cost you?

Probably not

If your get admitted to the hospital will you stay without knowing how much it will end up costing you?

Most people will.

What is my exposure?

Knowing in advance what your cost could be when using your health insurance in conjunction with your supplemental benefits will help you to focus on your health, instead of your finances.

Managing my exposure:

To ensure that the exposure is covered, you need to review your benefits package every year.


“PLATNET” was designed to give you access 24/7 to educate and remind you of the benefits you have
and how to use them, so you can always understand and manage your exposure.

Smart Solution

What not to do

What is a contractor for benefits

Mama told you,
“If it’s too good to be true…it’s probably not true”.

Insurance is not like shopping in the market. You cannot bargain with premium, you just pay for what you have.

Premium or Benefits?

If the premium is very cheap, there is a good chance your benefit will also be.
TSI stands behind the benefits we offer because we provide the service to go with it.


Over 80% of employees have seen the need in getting supplemental benefits in the past 5 years due to the fact that most families cannot afford their part of the cost of medical bills not covered by their medical plan.

Mama is always right.

Too good to be true

Do I need Voluntary Benefits when I already have Health Insurance

How easy it is to understand Voluntary Benefit with TSI

Keep in mind

“we do all insurance”

Keep in mind

“When are you Planning to enjoy life?”