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We understand that sometimes an answer needs
more than a yes or a no.

Our unique professional management system does the work on your claims, so you don’t have to…

  • We check your claims are right before they are sent to carriers.
  • Our Platnet software enables us to be automatically reminded in processing your claims until they get paid in full… One less issue to think of!
  • Our Platnet Software ensures you get paid correctly with the right amount on every claim.
  • We audit your claim automatically if it was denied without getting you involved.
  • We become your advocate as we handle your claim like it was our own.

Why Using TSI ?


We provide a full online technology where everyone can view and manage their benefits. It is a complete portal system that let you access from anywhere and on every device…


We search and customize plans from any carrier to uncomplicate the insurance industry for our client…