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TSI’s PLATNET Software and Employees

Do you know your voluntary benefits, what they pay and how they reduce your risk?

PLATNET will file claims for you

  • “PLATNET” software provides a highly secure online portal for employees to both understand and manage all their benefits in an easy to use format.
  • “PLATNET” offers a secure “Vault” that can only be seen by the employee so you can store all your personal information (Like car insurance, homeowner insurance etc..).
  • “PLATNET” fills claims, files claims, keeps track of claims, and alerts “live” on any update.
  • “PLATNET” file claims on multiple carrier at once.
  • “PLATNET” combine all benefits to focus on the exposure.
  • “PLATNET” become your advocate and your personnel contractor.
  • “PLATNET” works from any device (E.G Cell phone, tablet, computer..).
  • “PLATNET” is free to use.

How easy it is to understand Voluntary Benefit with TSI

TSI’s PLATNET Software also supports

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