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We then worked on the second issue clients had, which was customer service and the follow up on their claims. We implemented automatic reminders to our software to assure that no claim that comes into our office will be forgotten and therefore gets treated in a timely manner until it gets paid in full.

Also, whenever we contact a carrier to follow up on a claim on behalf of our client, we will update the platform. The employee will then be notified instantly by text message, which makes the follow up being the FASTEST in the world.

All this is backed up by our office staff who is there to answer any questions. We will strive to monitor the ever-changing insurance market, making sure that knowing all employees’ benefits will help us manage one of most people’s biggest concerns – their exposure!

And this is what TSI strives for.

Many people have tried to copy what we do, but they will never be able to reach our level of excellence. Without the help of our software that took us 10 years to build, we could have never accomplished what we’ve done so far.

And this is only the beginning.

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