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The Beginning

Our company was founded in Europe in 1989 by experts in the insurance industry and was operated in the Caribbean Antilles. We started to customize insurance plans to provide to our clients.
We rapidly grew and became one of the largest companies with over 350 agents dispatched in 5 Islands (Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Barth, St Maarten and Anguilla) and with premiums exceeding $8M.

We sold our company and moved to Florida in the year 2000 to pursue providing insurance for companies.

We started to understand why most consumers have big issues with health insurance when we encountered adversity between insurance carriers and providers.
The real challenge was to try and calculate a consumer’s exposure at a reasonable cost, to see what health plan could fit their needs. It can be extremely difficult to estimate how much a hospital bill will be since this is a very complex issue with too many things coming into play. (eg. the doctor involved, the network, the billing codes, etc).

We realized we had to do something.
We then started to work on how to build a benefit package that could implement benefits that will fill the gap of what the regular insurance will leave behind.

So we turned ourselves to Voluntary Benefits but soon realized that there were not that many experts in this field. Our goal became to do it ourselves and to become the best at it.

We found that all the plans offered had strengths and weaknesses, so we decided to build our own plans with the authorization of carriers, using our many years of expertise.

Once agreed, we worked for months to provide the best combination possible between coverage and cost.
(The key for a good recipe to build the perfect plan needs years of expertise in both Health Insurance and in Voluntary Benefits.)

“When you focus on the future cost of medical expenses, you lose sight of the important things – getting treated and getting better.”

It became our priority to help managing the exposure for employees and controlling the cost for the employer. But we took on a large amount of work and a big challenge

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