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The Education

We took on a large amount of work and a big challenge:

  • How to make people change the way they buy insurance, business owners, and employees

  • How to convince business owners that another way of saving on the future cost of health insurance is by implementing VB in their benefits package

  • How to make employees understand that the best way to be protected with exposure will be to add VB to their health insurance plan

By going and visiting accounts we also realized, that most employees did not remember what benefits they have. That’s what led us to build our first software “ BEZER” in 2007.

“Bezer” was designed to educate the employee to better understand the link between their health insurance and their voluntary benefits, and also to show them another way to protect themselves against medical cost.
The software was a success and resulted in over 93% of employees participating in the benefits program.

Employees were getting those plans because it was simple to understand, and it did make sense to them.

We provided service on every claim for many years but we always had to do it manually. We became so successful at what we were doing but ended up not having time to help everyone the way they were supposed to be helped. So we had to do something.

In 2010 we paid a company to do research surveys on over 2500 people from random companies and were asked about what they liked and disliked about voluntary benefits.

When the survey came back, we saw there were two major things employees did not like: The claims process and the follow up on their claims.

These results enforced our idea of building another software that will help everyone with the claims process: “Platnet”

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