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The Technology

“Platnet” was built in 2010.

What we did not want was to build just another software designed by a software company. We had over 30 years of sales experience and direct relationships with clients, so we did it the other way around. We built a software based on our clients’ needs and not just based on software productivity.

One of the main key points of this unique software is the ability to help consumers to file claims like they never did before. Because we had such great knowledge of the supplementary benefits market, we were able to build a software that was so precise, that we were able to become the employee’s advocate.

Not only could we ensure that the employee was getting the right claims and getting paid on every plan they have, BUT also that they are getting paid the right amount based on their plan’s benefits; that is what makes us UNIQUE.

That is what has made TSI who TSI is today.

In addition, we wanted to simplify the way the claims process works for the employees and we didn’t want to limit them by choosing a carrier. The market of voluntary benefits has quadrupled in the last years. We believe that in the very near future, employees would be able to choose multiple plans from multiple carriers and not having to be stuck with one carrier’s plans.

For this reason we designed a software that allows employees to file multiple claims from multiple carriers at the same time. We integrated everything with simple questions, so they don’t have to remember which plans they are on. They just need to tell the software what happened to them and the software will do the rest.

The software will then provide the correct claims already filled out, and the client will only have to sign with an electronic signature before sending it electronically to our office. We will then review everything to ensure the claims are complete and sent to the appropriate carrier.
This will make the process of filing multiple claims with multiple carriers the EASIEST and most EXCLUSIVE in the world.

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